1. How long does the process take to conduct the change over?

We are flexible and can move as fast or slow as we need to for our clients in most cases.

2. What do I receive to monitor my business and how often?

Each month we will provide you and/or your accountant a Profit/Loss Statement and Balance Sheet. We will also provide a financial breakdown and anything you would like more detail of.

3. Will you use John Doe from our town for lawn care?

If you have someone that has been providing a good service to your location(s) and want us to keep using them, we are all about local when possible. So, yes!

4. Do we have to change our stores name?


5. Our customers are very important to us.  We’ve been working this store for 30 years, will you be changing everything around?

We always take a period of time to analyze your store and meet with the customers and vendors. Once we have a good direction we will do our best to provide helpful changes that will improve the customers experience and impact the bottom line in a positive way.

6. How much will this cost me?

Our goal with each location is to grow the bottom line enough to pay for our management fee and add additional dollars to the bottom line. By achieving that position and opening up your time to explore other ventures or retirement creates a win-win situation.

Enjoy the road ahead…We’ll drive.
We recently partnered with Driven Management Solutions to operate our convenience store so we can focus on our lumber company and other interests. I feel good about the decision we’ve made to partner with Driven Management and we are very pleased with the results.
-Jeff Wieland, Wieland and Sons Lumber Co.