Customer Loyalty Program

My Store Perks

Driven Management is pleased to announce My Store Perks, a new turn-key customer loyalty program.

Research shows that consumers place a high value on savings at the pump. This program will allow customers to earn fuel discounts on in-store purchases while increasing sales for your store.

The customer data collected from this program will allow us to better identify opportunities to sell higher margin products, increase traffic during off-peak hours, and understand how, what and why customers purchase from your store.


Benefits of Loyalty Program:

  • Collect Customer Purchase Data
  • Increase Market Basket
  • Increase Customer Frequency
  • Vendor Funded Rebates
  • One Card for Loyalty, Beverage, and Food Programs

Driven Management Offers:

  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Activation & Customer Service
  • Cashier Training
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Marketing Collateral


We can answer any questions you may have and are happy to schedule a free on-site consultation.